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Werner Streicher



I train professionals living demanding lives create a new reality in order to achieve peak performance and enjoy fulfilling personal, and business relationships.

I coach them throughout their transformation process to incorporate recoded habits into their lives, increasing their self-confidence and love of self to facilitate success.

By sharing my rich profesional track and experience helping people healing stress and burn-out related conditions, I allow my clients to discover their inner-strength and enjoy a fuller life.

I was fortunate from the very beginning, blessed with a love of people, single person awareness, empathy, focus, spirit, strategy and curiosity. My main interest has always been how to keep people healthy as well as reintegrating those people who have suffered back into their daily life routine after diseases, handicaps, impairments. My professional journey started at the University of Illinois, USA, where I worked for 3 years as a teaching and research assistant in the field of physiology.

Being Head of different therapeutic units, practicing psychotherapy as a healing practitioner, I worked with people suffering from a wide range of impairments and disabilities.

In parallel I fulfilled Leadership and Chief Executive roles in the business world. Being Head of a Health Center, Therapeutic Head of different Rehabilitation Clinics, as well as Head of Wellness Spas in Germany over a time period of 23 years enriched my life.

My Method

Prerequisite is openness for change
You find out your current topic, feel it with your heart, bring it to mind & label it
My 5 Step Formula

1. Step We search for the basic experience / the key unconscious belief-form

2. Step You feel the new desired emotion, you label it & you replace the old belief

3. Step You accept your new created reality and increase your self-confidence

4. Step You integrate your new self-competence into your daily relationship & work

5. Step You manifest your new created habits In form of your true higher purpose

The path to see me


Good evening Mr. Streicher.
The meeting in your practice space has opened a window to my deep inner side and it was just the right for me, for my spiritual development. It can hardly be described with words, what I experienced. What occurred in the meantime, convinced me, that I want to dive deeper with you to find my core belief, which keeps me in the loop of unhappiness. I want to register for your 5-step formula, which makes me happy.
Thank you and I greet you friendly.
J.client after the first session
I have learnt that anything you do that gives you happiness and gets you closer to your own freedom will lead you to becoming the person you always wanted to be.


Contact Me for My Five Lives in One E-Book and discover the path to understanding your inner-self and lead a fuller life.

How we can work together

Single Session Intuitive Healing for Men/Women


Single Session:


Dissolving Negative Energies
Core Belief Work
Goal Oriented Work
Problem Focused Work

Mind Coaching for Male Leaders in Business


10 steps to live your vision
(10x2 hours):


Draw My Favorite Picture
Old Belief Forms
Meet My Needs
New Belief Forms
Discover Yourself
Love Yourself
Enjoy Yourself
Take the Lead on Yourself
Be Creative in Chaos
Live Your Vision

Mind Coaching for Male Leaders in Business


7 movements of success in teams (7x3hours):


Replace Old Belief Forms
Live in the NOW
Being Self-Competent
Teamwork & Leadership
Abundance & Responsibility
Empowerment & Strength
Vision & Manifestation


Instead of Return on Investment
Invest in what really matters!

Intuitive Coaching for Men

Discover Werner’s 5 Enjoyable and Efficient Tools Against Burnout and Depression!

Do you want to rediscover your hidden ressources and get rid of old patterns?

This Personal Coaching enables you to change negative programs and thoughts, and to replace them by positive feelings. You will learn to recreate your environment and your personal way of life. Unfortunately hidden and unsolved old programs keep us up from joy and happines in life. Here you learn to use specific self-management tools in order to stabilize your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Men, celebrate the Beginning of something New in your life and manifest your vision.


I was very happy to share my story about my specific work issues with you and the relevance that developed for myself and for my life. You are a very important cornerstone of my personal development. Not only as a healer and therapist, but also as a person. Thanks to you. With your guidance I successfully transformed a lot of my sickening behavior patterns, many fears and negative beliefs. I could replace them by joy, happiness and success in my daily life. Best regards

M, IT specialist. 40


I know intuitive coaching from other experiences. The first treatment with you, however, has been awesome good for me. I do not know how to describe it. The effect was sustained and outstanding. My chronic pain has declined, my quality of life has become great. In other words, I’m doing really well since the treatment. I am grateful to have met you and I have already recommended you in my circle of acquaintances

P. client after the first session

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