Counselling For Fulfilled Couples

Dive deep into fulfilled partnership

In my counselling I support couples to find a new connection to each other. Often, they report, that they have lost themselves in their relationship, or that they separated in their heart from their partner silently. I support couples to regain their fire for each other, to rebuild their individual personal power in favour of their relationship, to regain clarity to the benefit of their children in regard to the next steps. I lead couples on their way to identify their real purpose of life and of the relationship. I teach them to connect with their heart values through mindful communication. I guide couples to find out, where they agree on, in order to make powerful decisions and create a relationship by design for the next phase in their life.

Working with me, couples will experience

  • The presence and awareness in each moment they communicate
  • The clarity to make powerful decisions to the benefit of the children
  • The regained fire and self-competence for new clarity in the relationship
  • The start-up with accepting themselves, showing empathy, being neither rejected nor repelled in the relationship
  • The mindful communication tools, that lead to deep connection, and grow their new habits as partners
  • The creation a life by design to develop leadership qualities, in being a father, a husband, a partner
  • The start-up of the differentiation between feelings and their interpretations
  • The reach out for the full relationship potential & connection, including sexuality
  • The creation of a life by design for inviting abundance into life as a couple
  • The celebration of their vision as a couple, in living their new habits consciously
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