For Conscious Men

5 enjoyable and efficient tools for men against burnout and depression

In my 1:1 coaching I support men to find a new connection to themselves. Often, they report, that they have lost themselves in life. I guide them, to regain their fire, personal power and clarity in their work-life and their individual daily life. I support men, to find out what really matters in their life, to find the real purpose of their lives, instead of focussing on the “ROI = Return On Invest”, only. Men learn to reconnect to their heart values, to be able to become mindful communicators in their environment, to create new habits being a father, a partner, a leader in business by design for the coming up phase in their lives.

Working with me, MEN regain their clarity and their fire for the next steps in their life

  • How to switch from Old to New Habits
  • How to recognize old unhealthy and unconscious belief forms
  • How to find out and live powerful new belief forms as a man
  • How to open up for the inner voice of the unconsciousness inside yourself
  • How to start listening to other people, not judging, accusing or evaluating them
  • How to face different kinds of fear, without the need to identify yourself with it
  • How to dissolve any kind of negative energy attacks from the outside
  • How to become independent of one’s own expectations in regard to the outside
  • How to enjoy one’s own power and full potential without fear and doubt
  • How to create a life by design for the next phase in life with full male potential
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