“To experience your Being, Werner, is so exceptional…. things that seemed to be impossible, happened, my reality changed dramatically positive. I can now let things flow without judging and comparing and separation. There is now a “Yes” for being a woman, there is now a “YES” for my Life, for my Being. ”


….”I started watching myself from the outside of my body. A started making reviews of my day in the evening. I realized that I became more conscious to myself, to my colleagues, to my friends, to my wife and children. And above all I could hold this stillness inside my heart….”

“I met Werner during his lecture on sexual integrity in men in Zurich. Professionally, Werner has supported me in developing my vision as a dance and movement therapist. Privately, I have been able to put an end to old programs that caused a lot of uncertainty, ambivalence and loneliness.

By means of “learning by doing”, I was able to translate the contents I had learned directly into my everyday life, and it opened up creative ways for me to deepen the new. Humanly & professionally Werner is a very good and self-confident man who moved me a lot. He has a very broad and deep expertise, always gets to the heart of things and uses very different and varied methods.

What moved me most in the work together was that I was able to learn to look consciously into the eyes of my inner child for the first time. I have also been very happy to recommend his work to my friends and acquaintances.”

Eduard, movement and dance therapist, 40 years old



My ex-husband found Werner when we were looking for marriage counseling.

I initially met with Werner alongside my husband to try and work through some of our issues that were threatening the marriage. Werner was immediately warm and easy to talk to. We were able to start discussing very personal and intimate topics right from the start, which I find very unusual.

I also met with Werner alone to talk about my recovery in the AA/NA program and discuss each step thoroughly together. This was at a very fragile and unsettling time in my life. I was able to open up to Werner about my personal experiences that had caused me great pain. He listened to me and allowed the space to be free and safe. This is a gift to any person in therapy. Werner also tailored each session with my personal growth. We focused our energy to get me to the next step.

I tend to cry when I get very emotional and Werner handled these bouts with compassion, understanding and grace. Silent at times, but very supportive of me.

My journey into recovery from addiction was scary. I realized I had to change and incorporate new tools in my life to keep me sober. One of these tools that is invaluable is meditation. Werner gently led me into a meditation practice that could work for me. We talked about it and went through it together. This I thought was very important, as it gave me a model on which to build on for myself.

Werner is a professional at what he does. He knows what he is talking about and has a lot of knowledge about how to read people and help them individually. I also found him to be warm and easy to talk with. I never felt judged and in fact, I felt cared for as a person. Werner is genuine and is focused on recovery and enjoying life to the fullest.

Werner has information about my life that is very personal, and I trust him with this knowledge. Confidentiality is essential in therapy and Werner gave me that trust. I also enjoyed his sense of humor and his openness with me about his personal life. I learned from his experiences as well. He loves people and is a genuinely decent human being.

I do have a good feeling recommending Werner to other people and have already recommended him to friends.

N. singer and trainer, 49



Werner was recommended to me as an English-speaking professional, who can help me guide my two children through the hard process of separation/divorce. He was recommended by the owner of https://www.only1life.ch/en/.

I met with Werner with the intentions to learn how to help my children navigate divorce. Soon I realized, it was me who needed help with navigating this process, understanding myself, my needs and what actually motivates. It was an eye-opening experience! In addition, I worked with Werner and my spouse to regain trust between me and her.

Werner told me early in the process: “You may not get what you want, but by the end of our sessions, you will know yourself”. That was spot on. I still do not always get/achieve what I want, but I’m a lot more comfortable with my choices. I still find life full of uncertainties, but I don’t worry about the future as much.

I experienced Werner as calm, welcoming, non-judgmental. Somebody I can be honest about my internal thoughts and feelings.

I was looking forward to my sessions with Werner. The sessions were always non-repetitive, and every time I discovered/learned a new thing about myself.

I have absolutely a good feeling recommending Werner to other people. I have already recommended Werner to a friend and to my (ex) spouse, both of which found working with Werner very beneficial.

D. Software engineer, 44






In a short time, I have taken huge steps forward with Werner Streicher. I find the way he picked me up and responded to me remarkable. What also impressed me deeply: Werner Streicher always prepared exactly what I needed on a daily basis. In short: professionally and personally I am enthusiastic about Werner Streicher.

Tom, 44, Head of Communication, Bern



I am me and I remain me, only my view of things changes.

How did I meet Werner? Would I recommend him to others? No coincidence and yes, immediately I would recommend Werner to anyone who wants to work on himself and take a closer look. For all who are dissatisfied with their current situation as it is and are sure that it is not up to the others, but to themselves.

I am very happy that I met Werner. He was recommended to me by a good friend who said: Werner is a fine person and he is the right one for you, for your concerns that you want to change. I am very grateful to this person for recommending Werner to me.

From a distance I had a normal, average life with a divorce, two children, little money, stress at work. Which today hardly attracts attention because it seems normal. After all, I also have more than a handful of good friends, hobbies and a family that met from time to time without just wanting to be at each other’s throats. So what more did I want?

But for me it was not a life, more a survival. I didn’t feel safe, I didn’t feel safe, I always wanted to do the right thing, not to offend anyone. These patterns ran through my whole life, my family, my work and leisure time. I knew that it could not go on like this. So I suppressed my fears, my doubts as best I could and contacted Werner. After getting to know each other, we now meet regularly.

Although I have to drive 50 minutes each way to go to the sessions, it was very worthwhile for me. These almost two hours before and after the sessions are also a good time to reflect.

My life has changed completely. My fear that I would lose myself and have to change completely has not come true. I am still me.

My view of things and my compulsions, my old patterns, they belong to the past. I am sincere with myself and friendly with myself. I am aware of what I want and what I do not want. And that’s why so many things in my life have changed, changed for the better. I have a new outlook in my job, I don’t argue with my children anymore and I have found a new love. And I can define myself much better. I never thought that so much could change for the better. Thank you Werner for accompanying me during this time and for opening the way to a balanced life.

Christina 49, mother and lab assistant


“I became aware of Werner after he had successfully helped two friends of mine in their lives.
The main issue I worked on with Werner was I myself, my Self, with all my self-doubt and blockages. Those blockages were solved by the support of Werner, helping me to recognize the actual causes that had led to these problems. I have had always difficulty in controlling myself and my emotions before.
Now I was able to implement, what I had learned positively in my life and I was able to control my emotions. I finally feel that I am in control of myself again. I am much more relaxed, and I can maintain this in stressful situations. I have internalized the tips and implement them regularly.
In the coaching process with Werner I always felt safe and very good. He is a person who supports you in a very positive way. This is not simply talking about problems, but rather about finding the causes and solving them once and for all. I personally felt very comfortable and relieved after each session, which was also noticeable for my environment.
If you really want to find the cause of your “pain”, and if you are really willing to fix it, Werner is the right person for you. Thank you, Werner, so much for everything.”
L.B. 28, finances.

„Werner, I am very grateful, that you guided me through the coaching process, finding tools to overcome my old belief forms and thought patterns. That resulted in a new kind of freedom in my life. I manage things at ease now in my privat and business life.

Without the professional help I would have continued to suppress and deny myself, I would still have all these blind spots and live an unconscious life.

I am so happy and grateful about the transformation and the lessons I learned from being with Werner. I am enjoying the new reality in my life, that is filled up with light.

With the support of the spirit of the divine and with the unconditional love I enjoy the coaching sessions.

B., 52, self-employed craftsman

Being with Werner, 2018

I was having some issues with my divorce I’m going through, and I happened to meet Werner at an event that we both attended. I felt that it was a perfect timing situation and I felt a connection with him.

Shortly after we dove into a session, and right off the bat, he was speaking my language to my soul, holding my hands to connect with me. The concern of this man for my mental well-being was unlike any counselor I have ever experienced before. The personal touch made me go deeper into my internal conflicts than I would have in a regular counseling session. He was calling on my soul, for me to be honest with myself, to dig deep into my past and take a look at the root of the issues that I was having.

I kept seeing the roots of my negative patterns in these sessions. And being able to see them helped me quickly identify the maladjusted behavior when it would come up in my personal life at moments. For example, when I get to a certain point with my girlfriend where we have a disagreement and it gets heavy enough for me to not want to deal with it, I tell her that I don’t want her to be around and she should see someone else. I know that’s crazy now, and I know why. Both her and I do. We both have been to sessions together and Werner identified where in my childhood this sprang up, then showed me in a book on Psychotherapy how this is a common issue with couples. So, it made me and my girlfriend feel much better about the issue. It’s not the monster it used to be. This is only one of about 7 areas that I have been able to identify and readjust to. And it’s simply amazing to be able to quickly understand why I’m doing or feeling something in my personal life. I identify the root of the issue and refocus. I have been to about 4 counselors before Werner and never achieved the depth of understanding of my issues like this.

I recommend Werner to anyone who needs a counselor or a coach that truly cares. Werner goes beyond traditional counselors with a style that is comforting, deep and fresh.

C., 40, Web-designer

“I visited Werner to quit smoking. He reinforced me, that I go for this challenge. He pointed out that I would need to be open & willing for a change process, facing my blind spots, feeling also painful experiences from childhood until today. I learned that smoking enabled me to hide behind my blind spots and kept me in my comfort zone, without solving the cause of my pain.

I decided to go for the coaching and recognized very soon, that all my personal engagement and openness was necessary to walk this new path with Werner. He pushed my pain points in a very subtle and empathic way. “Have the courage to face your core believes that keep you from being healthy” was his slogan.

During the coaching process tears in my eyes became a familiar and a tension releasing reality. I learned how to face the old unconscious blockages, to make them conscious and to replace them by new feelings by new affirmations by a new reality. Werner showed strong endurance and focus in his guidance. He encouraged me and helped me, connecting our DNA by holding our hands in the meditative process. Old Programs became conscious and present, so that I could decide to give them up forever. Today, 7 months after the coaching my dreams are enriched. The pain points do not hurt anymore, I can look at them without feeling that old pain or misery.

During the last weeks I asked myself “Am I the same person as a year ago?” I managed to accomplish issues of my life that I never believed I could succeed in. I can deal with my emotions in an open and free manner, without identifying with them anymore. I changed inside myself and at the same time I notice, that my environment has been changed, even the stressful family issues disappeared. My mind turned out to become more lightful and my feelings are at ease.

Although I did not stop smoking finally, I did reduce it, and now know that the time will come, that I do not need the smoking anymore. My new belief today is. “I have the power and the ability and the patience to make non smoking my new realty”.From my experience I recommend Werner to anybody, who needs support in challenging life situations, I do recommend Werner to my family and my friend and I do recommend Werner to you. Be good to yourself, trust yourself to be successful, see Werner.

61, Management assistant

Dear Werner

I experienced you in the treatment as a coach as a very empathic coach working with me… You guided me safely through the process with your professional and empathic charisma. I did not know this type of therapy before and was totally fascinated how easy I could find my own blockages and topics.

I felt during the treatment comfortable and free … even after the session I was really at ease and I felt relaxed. Since then, having received your treatment, which took place only once, my strong headaches disappeared. The kinds of headache I have today is neglect able. I have already recommended your work and will do so again in the future. Whenever there is a need in the future I definitely will call you up for further support. Now I wish you all the best and a lot of joy in your work. Keep up Werner. Cordially.

E, nurse 35

Dear Werner

I was very happy to share my story about my specific work issues with you and the relevance that developed for myself and for my life. You are a very important cornerstone of my personal development. Not only as a healer and therapist, but also as a person. Thanks to you. With your guidance I successfully transformed a lot of my sickening behaviour patterns, many fears and negative beliefs. I could replace them by joy, happiness and success in my daily life. Best regards.

M, IT specialist. 40

Dear Werner

My motivation to make the process with you, were my low energy level and the loss of joy in life, migraine, osteoarthritis. Working with you, I courageous faced some shadow sides of my personality, in the 3 months lasting Coaching for the true purpose of life, giving up old behaviour patterns and creating a new reality. I could express strong feelings associated with the dark side of myself and I could explain their effect on my life and replace them with new, profitable programs and emotions. I realized that I had to overcome great fear to get to the essence of my unconscious belief forms. But this hurdle I could overcome with your help and I experienced you in a very warm hearted, empathic way of being. Today I am more mindful in my communication at work and in my relationship, today I am conscious on the cause effect relationships, and the power of the spoken word. The selected vision, I want to follow now in my life, I really will integrate into my life now. My life became more powerful since we started to work together. Even if the future is not known today, I know that I have the courage to pursue my vision now, without having to despair and without applying doubts anymore.

Nursing assistant, 61 years

Salut Werner

The calm and relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you created touched my heart.

I enjoyed the kinesiology testing, finding out belief forms, that need to be replaced by a desired new realty and feeling. I also realize how powerful words and above all thoughts are.

My steps always go further, indoors and outdoors. Yes, with respect and anticipation / Curiosity I look at my pilgrimage.

Warmly greets you.

C. body worker, author

Dear Mr. Streicher

I wish you from my heart a lot of success and fulfilment. Your website I visit very often, and I think often of our great collaboration! I find it very sad still, that we have only worked briefly in the company, you were responsible for as a CEO.

You have been a great boss!

HR assistant

Dear Werner Streicher

About half a year, I had two inflammations at the ankle, which made it very difficult for me to walk. In addition, I wanted to travel several hours by train to less than a week since the ticket was already booked. However, on the morning of travel day, I realized that my left foot was swollen, and a train journey would have been painful and not advisable. That was the moment when I asked the help of you. Your approach is based not primarily on medicine for the foot, but is focused on the cause, why the wound developed so heavily. So, the question is: what the underlying cause is, and may be the underlying emotional pain, which lead to the physical wound, and therefore the physical pain.

Thus, we both took a relaxed position and you asked me with eyes closed questions about my life, behaviours and people I know and how I felt in these situations. After a few minutes the cause of my pain at the foot was found: Too often I had failed to stand for my true beliefs and seldom I fought for my positioning in relationships or at work.

According to the “diagnosis” as it is called in medicine, you made contact to the light and repeated it my concern. The spoken by him sets I repeated. Werner Streicher was at that time sitting with eyes closed and I was relaxed. My job was at that moment, to be open and to let things come to me. I felt in a moment, like a channel widened in my heart region and flowed brightness. It was a very pleasant and soothing, warm feeling. Right after I felt it, asked me my coach what I felt, and I told him about the experience.

After a while I saw that the swelling had gone back foot and I could come back. Although I believe in energies and forces beyond our imagination, but that moment was still a surprise to me, especially since I tried the Intuitive coaching for the first time. The coming up day long train ride was easy to accomplish without pain.

Up to today, six months later, I can keep on standing for my beliefs and my opinions, independently of what other people expect from me. I feel self-confidence in saying my own opinion. I can feel in my heart brightness, warmth and a great widening of my heart energy.

Today I cordially like to recommend Intuitive coaching. I experienced you as a guide leading me through a process, where I was the decision maker all the time, having the free will to decide, what new reality I wanted to create for myself. Therefore, I felt secure and confident throughout the whole process and also since then.

P. student. 25

Dear Mr. Streicher

I Would like to give some feedback. Since the first meeting with you, a process of a new motion was initiated inside myself, which continuous up to today.

  • what I experienced: it has opened a window deep inside my soul.
  • I’ve seen you: as an empathetic and very pleasant guide without any kind of pushing towards.
  • which sustainable results were produced: I learned how to perceive my feelings honestly, openly, authentically and I learned how to sense the variety of feelings, and emotions as part of my individual reality, without the need to judge over them.
  • the change I made: Due to the process the following change was triggered: The distinction between my own feeling and the other person’s feelings, and my own interpretations and the other person’s interpretation. I was able to always trace back, what belongs to me and what belongs to the others.
  • What kind of people can profit from your work: people who show willingness to work on themselves and are open for subtle conscious changes in life.

J. painter, painting school for children and young people and medical secretary in the district stint, 62

Dear Mr. Streicher
  • what I experienced: white a man who has to have a lot of experience in the observation of other people, to feel their situation, to feel their needs without interpreting that as good or bad.
  • I’ve seen you: clear, comprehensible and clear in the statements and guidance.
  • which sustainable results it has produced in me: my own considerations and needs were met and were supported.
  • I truly recommend your work my friends or acquaintances.


Dear Werner

Werner has created from the beginning a pleasant atmosphere. His conversation mode gave me confidence, so that I could outline my traumatic sexual injury openly.

At the beginning of the session I was restless, trapped in my mind, like turning in a never-ending spinning wheel. In the flow of work, this feeling dissolved and I came into a trance that triggered a flow of energy in my mind, which felt liberating. After the session, I had the feeling that my blockage had dissolved, although I did not believe it at that moment. Today I know my topic was definitely solved, my symptoms clearly stayed away and did not return. I even managed to get involved with that topic in everyday life without resentment, without grief, without anger, without fear.

G. music therapist, 62

Dear Mr. Streicher

Since the time we met in an intuitive coaching session.

  • I am very in peace and have basic trust.
  • I am very creative and I’m in the flow of things.
  • Although I work very much, but without putting myself under stress.
  • I do not have joint pain anymore.
  • I have received two project requests that are very exciting.

Now I send you warm greetings.

S. client after the first session

Dear Werner

I know intuitive coaching from other experiences. The first treatment with you, however, has been awesome good for me. I do not know how to describe it. The effect was sustained and outstanding. My chronic pain has declined, my quality of life has become great. In other words, I’m doing really well since the treatment. I am grateful to have met you and I have already recommended you in my circle of acquaintances.

P. client after the first session


I enjoyed meeting you in the intuitive coaching session. I was also really surprised how quickly the important key blockages and belief forms came to consciousness.

Right after the session, I was very calm and relaxed. After a few days I was expecting something like a “enlightenment.” So, I’ve been watching me and made daily recaps. I was unconsciously clear and precise observing my new behaviour patterns towards my neighbour, colleagues and spouse. I noticed that I kept this inner peace since then.

I know that everything turns out the way it is supposed to be, to me as a human, in regard to my health and in regard to my colleagues and also in regard to my family. A nice feeling!

I highly recommend your service to everybody who is open for this spiritual work. THANK YOU.

R. client after the first session

Good evening Mr. Streicher.

The meeting in your practice space has opened a window to my deep inner side and it was just the right for me, for my spiritual development. It can hardly be described with words, what I experienced. What occurred in the meantime, convinced me, that I want to dive deeper with you to find my core belief, which keeps me in the loop of unhappiness. I want to register for your 5-step formula, which makes me happy.

Thank you and I greet you friendly.

J. client after the first session

Dear Werner

I came to you because I had experienced deep traumata after sexual abuse in my relationship, which led to general fear and the need to control everything. I almost had lost myself! There was no joy anymore, only sadness and hopelessness. – as I have experienced the treatment of you I learned that I could stop blaming other people for my misery, and that I could rely on the creative power of Jesus Christ inside myself. I noticed that I am loved – and I started to love myself again. You helped me to face my fears, to overcome my fears and to accept me as I am. I was able to send anger and grief into the light, now I was able to forgive. I am now free again, and do not have to be a victim anymore. – I’m now again self-confident and live my freedom. I do it my way, and not fulfilling other people’s expectations! I stand for my believes, even if my environment sometimes is scared about that. I love me the way I am. – I recommended your work to my friends and colleagues. Working with you, I found the right way to rediscover my joy, to conquer my fears and to feel warmth and stillness in my body and in my heart. Your sensitive treatment has touched my soul and gives me hope again. I can truly recommend this treatment because I became a new woman.

C, 61, public employe

Dear Werner

I met you to work with you on my specific topic I want to solve. After we worked on this issue I was fine afterwards. I can now accept this pain and the old sickening oppressive feeling is gone, it has turned into gratitude, it transformed into another energy, which makes me feel alive and well with it. I also understood that I absolutely do not have to cognitively understand everything. In summary I learned my first steps in the direction of a positive attitude towards myself, my feelings, my needs and my strengths. Thank you so much.

R. 48

Dear Werner

I too had such a great fear before we had this meeting, which I noticed after the meeting on our way home. And I felt so much relieved after that meeting and I recognized that now something got into its right place in my life.

My husband and I allowed ourselves after the meeting a coffee at Café in a monastery nearby. It felt good for us having the session with you, and I think we now have a new foundation for our relationship. We experienced new hope for the future, no matter I what direction everything is developing.

Thanks for your support and your generous offer for us! We really appreciate your work.

Feedback from a relationship counselling, couple running an organic farm, Kanton ZH

Dear Werner
  • Yes, I always experienced the session with exciting and enlightening.
  • I particularly like that we still have quite a lot to laugh with you …
  • There is a lot of hope, there is wonderful humour for our daily living routines on our farm.
  • I am very happy that the issue with our son now comes up and I am curious how our relationship will develop.
  • Today during lunch, I already felt that he was treating me more respectful than ever before.
  • I am looking forward to next week.

S. Farmer, 40 years

Dear Werner

Thank you so much for your empathy and support in this dramatic phase of my life. You have been there for me just in time. You supported me, where I did not know how to go ahead to manage the future. At that time, I did not see the light at the end of this darkness.

After the first session I asked myself: What will happen next? After the following sessions I knew what had helped me most: Your sensitive and empathic way to point out issues and to make them clear.

Because of your work I was able again, to believe and to develop trust into myself, to understand the purpose of my life, to take things as they are and to follow my own path in the future.

M IT consultant

Dear Werner

Werner, all the best to you and your work, thank you that you accompanied me on my way.

Kind regards

A nurse, 60

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